So today we got started on my garden, weeee! Here are some pictures! The first thing we done was put these log roll things up. This is going to be a little seating area. I’m planning to put a firepit / table thing in the middle of it with benches or chairs and a parasol set somewhere I’ve ordered this from Asda. It was ¬£40 and it also doubles up as a wee table (How nifty?!) As I’ve got two… View Post

I must admit – I’m absolutely terrible at getting photographs printed. I have thousands all stored in hard drives but very little printed or in albums or on the wall. Unless they are professionally done I dont usually bother. I came across the Cheerz app (formerly Polabox) and thought I’d give it a go n see what the fuss was about. ¬†Below is how the app looks – you can buy a few different types of prints which is handy,… View Post