Ok, I’m aware this is August so a resolution-ey type post might be completely out of place right now, but hey I don’t give a hoot! I’ve made myself these framed printouts. Just little inspirational images I found on pinterest. One I made myself from a quote I liked and felt was relevant. The frames are from home bargains, they were really cheap, and they’re plastic but they’re adorable and I love the colours.  Pretty cute I think! Now as for… View Post

As you probably know, its summer break over here in Scotland. I say mid-holiday but we’ve got about two weeks left as of tomorrow. I’ve been keeping busy! I’ve had help from my brothers and dad to move the fence into a better position in the garden. Put up a new gate at the side. For the boys birthday they got garden toys. Trampoline from their granny and papa See-saw from me (the green balls underneath still need blown up… View Post