CHRISTMAS BUYS It’s that time of the year where all financial planning just goes to shit. We all become obsessed with finding great deals due to fear of missing out, or the stuff going out of stock at Christmas. It’s a bit daft I’d say but the companies certainly know how to shift the shitty stock they can’t sell any other time of the year quickly – and even worse have people fighting over it. What a joyous tone to… View Post

Woo! After having blank canvases chilling in my room for a few weeks I finally got round to putting something on them. I planned spider man for one of them for Max as he’s absolutely spiderman daft the now. My boys have always had murals on their wall but like I mentioned before – it just takes up WAY too much time, and I always feel as though they’re rushed – so I’ve opted for doing the flavour of the… View Post

I spotted this on pinterest.. my god it is gloryful. Look at that fit. The laptop goes right in. It raises my monitor up enough so I can see it when I’m in bed. It’s just multiple levels of Su-fucking-perbness.  This is an old set of mini moppe drawers- I painted them black like my soul. They’re in one of the Ikea Kallax Cubby holes – I need to put up pics of my rearranged room. Max Puckering up to… View Post

Hey buds. I am getting irritatingly shit at keeping this updated. I’ve been holding back actually.. I’ve still not quite finished the boys room got a few bits here and there to do. I was also hoping to do crafts and stuff and was thinking I could post them when they were done but I’ve not gotten round to them (CAUSE I SUCK.) As for weight loss, I’m part of a subreddit called loseit on reddit (GOOOOOGLE) and there’s a… View Post