The Bodyshop Christmas Advent Calendar. I got my mum and myself this advent calendar on offer from bodyshop. I use HotUkDeals and always trail the app daily for good offers especially around Christmas time, and this came up at £39 instead of the normal £60 – so naturally I got two! This is the first time I’ve bought anything other than the bog standard choccy advent calendar. (I totally had one of those too) So I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I’m… View Post

Aloha! This is a bit of a picture dump post/update. I’ve been so tired lately. I’ve convinced myself taking multivitamins might help so we’ll see how that goes. In other news – my secret santa from the reddit exchange came and I got some cracking new Laura Ashley notebooks as well as goodies for the dogs and cat! Well chuffed. Hopefully the person I sent my gift to posts pics soon as I didn’t take pictures.. (Like a pleb!)  This… View Post

Yaaaaaaay. They’ve been up since the 30th.. I get a day or so earlier every year. I’ve also recently discovered pop up christmas trees. I feel like I’d be terrible with them as I do LIKE decorating the tree – but we all know it takes ages so you kinda hold back. With a pop up tree I’d probably do it on a whim in fucking June or some shit, and by time Christmas comes round I’d hate it. So I’ll… View Post

Okay. As you know I’ve been decorating the boys room for a little while. It did pain me to do as I had to paint over my favourite mural I’ve done (calvin & Hobbes) turns out it was more ME who was a fan than the boys.. They’re growing up now and their taste in characters changes more than the weather in Scotland (which is a lot!) so I’ve opted for plain coloured walls and they can stick up their… View Post