This is a question I found myself asking after coming across a snazzy looking wee diary planner on pinterest. Currently I am using my 3 book system – one for weekly planning, one for daily planning and one for creative planning because to me combining them all into one would leave a planner an UTTER MESS. I hate how on days where I don’t need to plan anything I waste whole pages in the book – and I’m using 3!… View Post

This is the first time I’ve received a subscription box. I ordered it to me from me. Naturally, I went for 3 though – Lootcrate, nerdblock horror, and nerdblock classic. So far this is the only one I’ve received. Now as you will probably be fed up of hearing I am on a diet.. losing weight sucks but these boxes are a further way of motivation for me personally as I’ve ordered the shirts to come in smaller sizes. Which will… View Post

Goals for 2016 I’m not a great goal keeper and I don’t mean football..I seem to be in the habit of setting myself goals and giving up when I realise they’re becoming unreachable. I usually just give up and whatever progress I make fizzles out. Whether that is losing weight, doing more artwork, reading more. It starts off with good intentions but leads onto me feeling worse. Usually because my unreachable goals are too far ahead. So for this year I’m going… View Post

Huge wall of text here, sorry. Oh and I know I’m absolutely late to the party – nothing changed there! 2015 was indeed a right bloody crap year, eloquently put. I was so incredibly stressed at the start of the year. I had to decide what it was that was stressing me the most. I was finding it difficult balancing being a full time student, as well as a single parent running a household with two disabled children. I had questionable friendships. I… View Post

Almost forgot to pop these up. But just LOOK at this lamp. Is it not the fabbest of the fab?! I got this from my old maw for christmas. I also went n bought myself a new pair of Doc Martens, £65 in the sale down from £130! Absolute bargain. Docs last forever – my last pair I had 5 years, daily wear and wore them to festivals – twice! poor shoes. Ultimately the festival life was their demise last june. If… View Post