Yeah. We’re almost in fucking March – which means almost two full months has passed since the New Year! Who’d have thunk it? Not me.. Feels like it was last week sometime. I’m down 20lbs since New year (woo.. yay me ) I’m 25 soon (quarter of a bleedin century) Portfolio due in for entering next years course-  almost sorted. I’ve got my shit together kinda and got it together without being major stressed which makes such a difference (as I’m… View Post

From the perspective of an Apple fan who loves the Fitbit app Okay, so I ordered myself an apple watch for my 25th. I make no secret of the fact that I love apple software (Everything is apple at home practically). I’ve not really got into the watch apps and things yet but I absolutely adore it so far, it’s just so handy and so much more awesome looking than its predecessor  (my skin-irritating fitbit charge HR; which I admittedly still loved!) I just… View Post

Hehehe. Slightly loving the lootcrate boxes the now – I think I may post them all in one post in future each month so there’s not a billion about subscription boxes. Theme this month: Dead / Zombie So the theme for this months lootcrate was dead/zombie. Box is gorgeous as per. Work of art on its own.   Wasn’t really impressed with soap on a rope to be honest – I’ve got too many soap on a ropes around my bathroom already… View Post

Yay, Nerdblock came and it’s full of awesome shit once again. This is the Nerblock classic! Oooo.. ultra-rare plush. Ta very much. Aw yeh. Admittedly I might have giggled at receiving a pretty cool oven glove and a super awesome wine stopper (in the form of a super mario mushroom) in the same box. The shirt print is awesome and a glow in the dark batman mug.. what more can someone ask for? Absolute bargain even in the UK considering… View Post

I came across these on amazon (I really need to stop browsing amazon late at night..) clip on camera lenses! I’m wanting to get a decent compact digital camera. I do have a DSLR but I find my phone can take pictures much quicker and the apps involved in editing pictures are much more accessible straight from my phone – ultimately I want to get a camera with easy sharing functions, the ability to record video and upload via wifi etc.… View Post