Photo Storage Photo storage has always been the bane of my life. I have all my photographs stored in these hard drives in files labeled by years and recently I’ve felt like I need actual photographs to hand. Nothing beats sitting sprawling over your favourite photos – and lets be honest no one whips out the hard drive and looks through a bazillion copies now do they? No. So naturally, I’m going to print them off. However I am also… View Post

Okay I’m impatient. I’m itching to start these bullet journal thingy-ma-bobs. My pens aren’t here yet, but I’m an art student I have an abundance of pens and there’s every possibility they might bleed through the paper but ye know what.. *looks into the distance* life is not written in pencil..or something or the other. Now.. as you’ll quite clearly see, yes your eyes are not deceiving you, there is infact THREE Leuchtturm1917 books there, 2 A5 that are squared, and 1 A4… View Post

Miracle Noodles? We’ve all heard of Shirataki noodles or miracle noodles or whatever they’re being called lately. I was looking to try them and had a look around online and came across two easily buyable brands in the UK one was barenaked noodles, the other was these Slim noodles by Eat Water, which happened to be in the penny sale at Holland and Barrett so me being the thrifty so and so that I am, I went for the buy… View Post