After looking for hours, I couldn’t find a way to transfer all my posts from wordpress to blogger easily so I’ve had to do it one by one and backdating posts (which would have been much, much easier without the Re-Captcha security system failing to work correctly – I had to delete all the internet cookies every post due to posting too much!) All my posts are transferred over now. I’ve edited the header to suit blogger. Unfortunately it’s pasted… View Post

Well I’ve got to admit.. the number of tags and stuff I use randomly is just too damn high. I’m gonna re-jig all the tags and categories as well as menu options and sort it out. If it looks a bit too muddled up, then you’ll know why! Edit- I very nearly took the jump to going self hosted instead. After around 8 hours playing with the idea and still having no idea what I was doing I’ve put it on… View Post

Why my perfectly able bodied child needs a wheelchair My son Leon has autism. He’s completely non verbal, has no way of communicating other than extremely limited PECS card usage (visual aids) and pointing. He has trouble dealing with sounds / smells & busy places. Some days he’s fine with it, other days he can’t cope. Unless you’ve experienced autism before you’ve probably little idea of the challenges it can present. When you’re dealing with autism and a child who suffers with it,… View Post

*edit: I have added Mengshen & Plater to the title – although the cameras are named differently, they’re the same product. Link for purchasinge: Clever dog Wireless security wifi cameras As you may have spotted in some of my pictures I have CCTV installed in the house. Not because I live in a huge house or have anything worth protecting with CCTV but because I have a nonverbal wee boy, alongside my other wee boy who twists the truth occasionally!… View Post

Just to refresh your memory, I have been in the middle of redoing the garden for a million years while now. This is what it was like previously. As you can see the large grass bit was separated, fence was laid out weirdly too. This is more recently. Got a new shed with teacup fairy lights from B&M (fave!) New trampoline. Removed the separating fence. I made the rinkadink corner bit bigger as it was just way too small before, I also threw out the… View Post