Boy do I love to start on a positive note. But yes, this week so far has been incredibly bad. Firstly, to the school transport organiser being an absolute buffoon once again and such a fucking pencil pusher. She arranges transport to the boys schools as they’re outwith local catchment area. Apparently arranging for them to stop 5 minutes earlier on the same route at a house the taxi LITERALLY drives passed (so the kids can be dropped of… View Post

I was with sky. Happily. Kinda, a little expensive considering I only really use the internet and not the TV. So upon reviewing ones yearly finances, I decided I may as well save some dolla on my broadband bundle and switch to a cheaper alternative. (Worked out about £30 a month cheaper without TV) So I booked to switch. Here’s a breakdown of how things have gone so far – 01/08/2016 – go live date confirmed. I’ll go live on… View Post

YAY. Absolutely thought I’d have a stress free Friday. Welp! You know what thought did.  Had my course induction yesterday – all is well. ( Edit : At least it was until the following day – read more in the next post)  Although, I’ve only gone and lost the bleedin’ timetable they handed me. I’ve only had it mere hours. How is this possible. It has disintegrated into thin air it seems. So now – I’m gonna turn up on… View Post