Does anyone else find that their choice of music varies greatly on whatever shits going on in their life? ‘Cause I totally do. Queue looking longingly out car windows pretending you’re in a music video.. or something.. totally don’t do that (I do)  I happen to have quite a vast taste in music you see. Other than the err.. club type music (the proper bangy..stuff) eloquently put, Terri .. I give most genres a shot. I’m terrible at naming music genres… View Post

As I may or may not have written in my kickstarting a healthy lifestyle post, I’ve decided to post weekly regarding my weightloss. I’m on a diet (very much needed seeing as I’ve consumed a tonne of utter shite in the last however many years) and it shows. I was considering joining weight watchers or slimming world for the whole accountability stuff – but I hate people I decided not to, as I don’t really think I’d do well with the… View Post

I am forever forgetting which films I’ve watched and enjoyed. So I’ve decided to do Once a month roundup of the films I’ve actually took the time to sit and watch alongside a review my opinion on the movie considering it’s to jog my memory.. Movie – 10 Cloverfield Lane I’m right into my sci-fi, horror, thriller stuff. So this happened to be right up my street. All in all, it’s about 3 folk in a bunker, but they make it… View Post

  Forgive me.  That’s a harsh reality unfortunately for a lot of disabled people and there’s nothing they can do about it. That’s right.. in 2016 there are grown adults and children sitting in their own soil because there are very few fully accessible toilets available, so many disabled people are missing out. While we happen to have hooks on the back of toilet stall doors to hang our handbags, to keep them off the filthy floor –  we’re expected to change… View Post

I find it ridiculously difficult to admit my weaknesses as a very strong-willed, and strong-minded young single parent, as I’m sure most do. (Bit of a mouthful that sentence but none the less true!) When I was young I was judged as the daft lassie who had twins. Admittedly.. getting pregnant at 16 with not one but two children was definitely not in my to do list at the time but it happened. Personally I experienced a lot of judgement back… View Post