Autistic, Non verbal pain How I know my dismissed child is in pain I’ve not posted much lately at all. I’m so stressed, I feel like I can barely function. I’ve had little to no sleep this past 2 weeks. I finally tapped out yesterday and got my mum to come take my son for a few hours so I could sleep. My son Leon is non verbal, and he’s in pain. I’ve convinced myself of this. He is a… View Post

Going Self Hosted – The basics So, I’ve only gone and went self hosted! A while ago I attempted to. What a failure that was. Partially, on my part might I add. Moving on though, after a few months of being part of a very helpful facebook group (Uk parent bloggers – highly recommended). I kept hearing about TSO Host, and how they do the whole switch for you and it’s quite easy to set up. So after looking into… View Post