Aaaaaaaaaaand breathe.. a few times. (inhale alcohol too, if you must!) Stress. Thank fuck that’s it done for another year. As much as I love Christmas, the two weeks running up to it are always bloody hectic. Don’t you agree? It’s ridiculously stressful. Personally as a single mum to two asn kids I can do without stress on top. I vow every year to be more organised beforehand – still fail to be, every bloody year!  We had a good… View Post

Well, hellll-oooo there.  Finally got round to posting that massive ranty post (this one.) Who am I kidding? Almost every post I write is a massive ranty post, hehe. Anyway.. what have we been up to? Well. I joined the boys up to a club called Falkirk autistic Bairns – not sure if I mentioned it previously as I’ve been terribly lacking in posting of late. It’s basically a club in which all local autistic children and their familys can… View Post

Aggression? Yes. Kicking people, kicking floors to the point you think his heel will shatter, kicking holes in walls, headbutting (front & back), throwing himself onto his knees, biting his family members, teachers and his wrist to the point of multiple bruising and skin breaking. Alongside sleepless nights, aggression is currently rife. I’d say “what a long stressful week it’s been”.. but truth be told it’s been a stressful month, at least! Leon has become very aggressive lately. I’d originally assumed… View Post