I am quite a stubborn person. Sometimes it’s a bad thing, but I’m proud of my stubbornness today. I told you about my plans to rejoin Slimming World in the introduction to this series. I’ve now rejoined for the third time this year. (Third time lucky I hope) I lost around three stone in total overall, barely stuck to plan doing so and I have put around two of those back on in the last few months being at college. I… View Post

Ok. I’ve not actually started yet. After all there’s always next week and a rogue donut or three in the fridge. If you’ve read any more than a few posts you’ll know I struggle with losing weight. I’ve been so stressed lately with college and a whole lot of other hoo-ha (see here) that losing weight has just been firmly stuck on the back burner.. I’m sure I’ve gained a fair amount of what I’d lost back, but that’s okay ’cause I’m… View Post

  It’s official. I’ve been questioning it the last month or so, I’m only a few months in thankfully. You know the time isn’t right when you feel that way already. Things are too stressful at home. I have a home in disrepair, hoping to move house soon. I’m not comfortable with myself, I’m trying to lose weight. I have two children with significant individual needs one whom is severely distressed often. So many appointments and reviews to attend. As… View Post

That’s right, the hard faced “I’m coping fine” mother threatened to place my son into care. It’s been so long since my last update. Clearly  I suck at this regular blogging malarky. I am not going to deny that fact. However things are a clearing up a bit now. I feel like I can update even though we’re very much in limbo waiting on things happening now. The good The good news – Leon has been cleared of having further… View Post