About Tea Terri and Two

Tea Terri and Two has  evolved, it’s been a few things in the past.
 It started out as themummyplan – which I absolutely cringe thinking about now as I am not a “mummy” person. I don’t have a mummy bone in my body and I certainly don’t have a mummy plan. They’re 8 years old now and there’s days I wake up and still wonder how the hell I have well mannered 8 year olds and how they’ve survived passed the first few months. It still feels like a year or two since I left primary school. Everything’s a blur. 
It then went from themummyplan to mardymisadventures. Mardy being me, ’cause you know what? Motherhood isn’t all rainbows, butterflies and Cbeebies. (Ok.. There’s a fair bit of Cbeebies the first few years but I digress) Mardy misadventures was how I was at the time, I was going through rough patches on my tod, there was a lot of complaining.. there still is a lot of complaining but at least it’s now worthy of complaint haha. I wasn’t very positive about things. In fact I think the tagline for Mardy Misadventures was “Because murdering is wrong”.. I don’t know. Anyway that was then. I’m now a tad more positive and upbeat and the like. Tea Terri and Two is now.

I chose the name because it’s fabulous. (ha.. I jest.) No it’s quite catchy I think. Firstly, Tea. In a traditionally British fashion, tea is my one true love. Particularly chai Tea. If you’ve not had yourself a cup of chai Tea then you have not lived. Secondly, Terri.. well that’s me I hope you know that by now. And Finally, two. Definitely in reference to the number of Rum n cokes I have on the go at any given time my two AMAZING  wee boys, whom make waking up worthy. I don’t know where I’d be without them.