About Me & Mines

Hey! I’m Terri.
I’m Mum, Dad, Personal chef, Housekeeper, Taxi Driver, Referee, Toy Repair
technician, Pet feeder, teeth brushing inspector, and personal shopper to my non-identical twin
boys (born July 2008).

The Boys

First of all, this is Max.  Max is the comedian of the house and for a little lad, he’s incredibly
funny. My sarcasm and quick-wittedness has definitely transferred to this one and I’m not sure that it’s a good thing, and because of this he’s often in trouble! He even calls these moments “Maxccidents” a rather funny accidental pronunciation from when he was a little boy which had just stuck ever since!  He has ADD and is medicated for it. He’s a fantastic swimmer. He’s also very caring and helps out with his twin brother a lot. He loves playing video games, watching people play video games, shopping for video games, his iPad (there’s a theme here..) going to the play park & all things superhero.
This is Leon. Leon is my wee sweetheart and the devil rolled into one glorious 8 year old kid sized bundle. He loves soft play, swimming, dark rooms with colourful lights, getting tickled, and playing on the trampoline. Finding Nemo, and Madagascar are his favourite movies, so in addition to them both knowing the “I like to move it, move it” song word for word, I can also recite the full movie. Leon has low functioning autism and as a result of this he needs round the clock supervision and care. He’s completely non verbal (no words at all) and a few sensory problems. These can cause him to be very agitated and on the worst days he has meltdowns which often result in self harming behaviours, so as a result of this he definitely keeps me on my toes. There are days where I know he’s likely to be a danger to himself. This can either be due to being very moody or because I know where we’re going will likely trigger him. Because of this we decided to provide him a safe place – his wheelchair . Outside of his difficulties, he’s the most happy cheerful wee soul in the room.. most of the time!


Lastly there’s me, often seen as the weird introverted Maw at social gatherings. Outside of my mum duties (..as if )  I’m Terri. I’m an aspiring art student, studying printmaking (as of August 2017)  I want to become an art teacher, or an art therapist for disabled children or adults.. therefor still aiming for that degree! I enjoy rambling on, blogging is fun (when I keep it up.) I’m a dab hand at DIY or anything crafty – if there’s a youtube video explaining how, I’ll give it a right good go I will! I love rock music, festivals, camping, outdoorsey things, theatre, art galleries, museums, all that jazz. I admittedly spend way too much time on Reddit. I’m also on a health kick hoping to lose a fair bit of weight and just feel better in myself in the long run. I have social anxiety and didn’t realise how trying it was until I had to go to bloody school parent coffee morning group shindig things and the like.

Such fun..
We all live together in our own wee house, alongside our way too many pets.

The Pets

To the left is Mario the cat and Bug the bearded dragon. Bugs name was not my choice. Unfortunately the kids chose it. This made for horrifically hilarious overreactions at the Wildlife exhibition we went to. Max and Leon were told that a certain giant water dragon ate bugs and as a result of this they now dislike water dragons. On the left is my German shepherd, Tara who is such a big softie, I barely have room on the sofa when she decides she’s getting up there! The fluffy one (lovingly referred to as the walking duster due to the tail) that’s behind the spiky cat toy is Dexter, and the two little ones are Jake and Barney. They’re actually double the size of Dexter now, so it’s rather funny when people realise the tiny dog is the oldest.
And that’s us! All bundled into our wee house.


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