Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love Instagram. I admittedly don’t post as often as I should but I’m never off there nosing at what’s going on in other people’s lives. I find it difficult to manage photos on my phone.. So Instagram is often a lifesaver, the trouble is once they’re on there the printable copies usually get lost amongst the thousands of photos on your phone so you never get round to printing them really. At least… View Post

My blog, that is. I’ve not blogged in almost two months. To be fair we’ve been really busy, I’ve had my hands full with Leon for a while. He got super aggressive for a few months – it comes and goes in bouts (it’s slowly creeping back!) I’ve been hit, punched, slapped, head-butted, bit, kneed, kicked – you name it! So has his brother Max. It’s kind of manageable.. just now, but I’m definitely worried about him getting older, bigger… View Post

A photo posted by Terri Rankin (@teaterriandtwo) on Jan 30, 2017 at 1:41pm PST   Yay! 2 weeks in and I got my half stone award – can’t complain at that. Admittedly.. I probably could have done better than a measly 1lb loss the second week, but when I had 2 takeaways and was out for lunch I can’t really complain! Week 2 Lost – 1lb. Total lost- 27lbs. total lost on SW- 7lbs.

We all know I’m a bit OCD about planning, so this hopes & wishes tag was right up my street. I was tagged by the lovely Sarah who blogs over @ Whimsical Mumblings. Thanks Sarah! Personal Wishes   Get healthier: Lose weight / take vitamins / drink more water the whole shebang. To up my self care game: Hair trims / nail care / moisturising – I’m a bit of a slacker in all the above. Be more social: I am an… View Post

  It’s February! Squeeeee, that means the dreaded winter-esque freezing yer but off season is almost over. Who am I kidding.. I’m Scottish it’s perma-winter. Anyway. I’ve decided posting my goals monthly might be a step towards keeping me on track. Don’t want to have to openly  admit I have done shit all to you all so I’ll try to keep this updated each month with new goals and how I got on with the month before’s. My plans & goals for… View Post