I sucked at slimming world this week. I went to my first meeting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I kinda researched recipes, made myself a nice wee shopping list all prim n proper planned to go and do me shopping and I couldn’t as the spewing plague from hell had attacked and multiplied throughout.  Leon was matrix style vomiting in the back of the taxi on the way home from school on Thursday night. Max was similarly matrix style vomiting off… View Post

  I may be fairly young to be considering hair loss products.. but I suffer from unhealthy hair. Unhealthy probably isn’t the right word.. It’s thin, breaks easily, and more than should falls out at any given time. I have a patchy spot on the back of my head (right in between my ears) fortunately my hair covers it from the top. Don’t think I have mentioned it previously – but I have an issue with my mother nature not visiting… View Post

  Well, if you haven’t guessed by the new layout – I joined slimming world. I have had every intention of losing weight but to be honest just been a fucking pig not sticking to it. One thing that motivates me though is accountability and without somewhere like slimming world, I’d have none of that here! So, for the sake of not mortifying myself I know I’ll stick to it.   I also started a youtube channel   (SCRATCH THAT, I CHANGED… View Post

Just before Christmas, I made the decision to install a full on sensory den under Leons bed. This is how Leons space was. This issue with this was he kept hurting himself off the storage when he had meltdowns (Leon is severely autistic). He would kick the wall (which is attached to our neighbours house) He made holes in the walls. So with all these combined I sat and tried to figure out how I could change the room to… View Post