The reason I started this blog in the first place was that I wanted somewhere to place my thoughts pretty much. Something to keep me focussed on improving what I wanted to improve, remember what I wanted to remember. Blogging, is somewhat addictive and it can become a numbers game when you take your stats into account. I completely reorganised my categories not long ago, and after writing my Goals for the New Year post and trying to figure out… View Post

2017! The year for changes right? (Until next year of course! 😉 ) The lovely Kayleigh from Little B & Me has tagged me to answer questions from her blog post ‘The (Not Big or Fat) Quiz of the Year. Let’s begin   What was your highlight of 2016? My highlight of 2016 has to be seeing Max interacting well with friends. I was seriously worrying about how he behaves in social situations the last year, but attending clubs and having quiet words with… View Post

  I am struggling to comprehend that 2017 is already here, the last year has gone by so fast! I’m glad it’s here though, 2016 has been such a weird year. There’s been so many celebrity deaths, the refugee crisis, politics. Trump. Need I say more? I wanted to write down my goals for this year, so I can try stick to them. They always seems a little bit more set in stone when they’re written down, don’t you think?… View Post

Looking back at 2016: goal review   This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions, aren’t they all though? I warn you – this is a wall of text. Stressed would be my word to describe this year, although I think it comes with the territory of being a single parent. Feeling stressed, with the added stress of not looking stressed, so you don’t stress the kids. What a Palaver. Last Years Goals. Last year I done a post “Goals… View Post

  Aaaaaaaaaaand breathe.. a few times. (inhale alcohol too, if you must!) Stress. Thank fuck that’s it done for another year. As much as I love Christmas, the two weeks running up to it are always bloody hectic. Don’t you agree? It’s ridiculously stressful. Personally as a single mum to two asn kids I can do without stress on top. I vow every year to be more organised beforehand – still fail to be, every bloody year!  We had a good… View Post