Just before Christmas, I made the decision to install a full on sensory den under Leons bed. This is how Leons space was. This issue with this was he kept hurting himself off the storage when he had meltdowns (Leon is severely autistic). He would kick the wall (which is attached to our neighbours house) He made holes in the walls. So with all these combined I sat and tried to figure out how I could change the room to… View Post

YAY. Absolutely thought I’d have a stress free Friday. Welp! You know what thought did.  Had my course induction yesterday – all is well. ( Edit : At least it was until the following day – read more in the next post)  Although, I’ve only gone and lost the bleedin’ timetable they handed me. I’ve only had it mere hours. How is this possible. It has disintegrated into thin air it seems. So now – I’m gonna turn up on… View Post

Just to refresh your memory, I have been in the middle of redoing the garden for a million years while now. This is what it was like previously. As you can see the large grass bit was separated, fence was laid out weirdly too. This is more recently. Got a new shed with teacup fairy lights from B&M (fave!) New trampoline. Removed the separating fence. I made the rinkadink corner bit bigger as it was just way too small before, I also threw out the… View Post

Well, I decided to redecorate the living room. It kinda needed repainted anyway so it gave me the excuse to move things about a little. Before This was my living room before. I decided to redecorate as it needed repainted anyway. (A nd apparently the only pictures I have are from Christmas!) After This is it now. Do excuse the lived in mess that it is. The black paper I bought from B&Q and it’s quite possibly my favourite paper… View Post