YAY. Absolutely thought I’d have a stress free Friday. Welp! You know what thought did.  Had my course induction yesterday – all is well. ( Edit : At least it was until the following day – read more in the next post)  Although, I’ve only gone and lost the bleedin’ timetable they handed me. I’ve only had it mere hours. How is this possible. It has disintegrated into thin air it seems. So now – I’m gonna turn up on… View Post

Woo! After having blank canvases chilling in my room for a few weeks I finally got round to putting something on them. I planned spider man for one of them for Max as he’s absolutely spiderman daft the now. My boys have always had murals on their wall but like I mentioned before – it just takes up WAY too much time, and I always feel as though they’re rushed – so I’ve opted for doing the flavour of the… View Post

Figured I might as well pop some of the last few years art work on here before it vanishes into Oblivion! Pardon the mahoo-sive post! p.s Pardon the manky feet halfway down the post                Created my illustration for my blog! Digital Media final devlopment.   Fine art final piece development. No idea what’s going on with the boys cheeks n mouth at this point – I noticed he looked like he was about to spit on the old fella,… View Post