Okay. As you know I’ve been decorating the boys room for a little while. It did pain me to do as I had to paint over my favourite mural I’ve done (calvin & Hobbes) turns out it was more ME who was a fan than the boys.. They’re growing up now and their taste in characters changes more than the weather in Scotland (which is a lot!) so I’ve opted for plain coloured walls and they can stick up their… View Post

I figured I loved the little stag ornament and it would look adorable on my wall. I see a green staghead wall ornament and I want it painted black. Green though?.. Green? Nah. When your wee inner 13 year old goth self is screaming to you, you do the thing. Paint it black. This is it beforehand A nice coating of acrylic black paint later..   It’s joining the rest of my snazzy wall stuff. ❣ Fits nicely, don’t you… View Post

Woo! After having blank canvases chilling in my room for a few weeks I finally got round to putting something on them. I planned spider man for one of them for Max as he’s absolutely spiderman daft the now. My boys have always had murals on their wall but like I mentioned before – it just takes up WAY too much time, and I always feel as though they’re rushed – so I’ve opted for doing the flavour of the… View Post

Planning the boys room Are you one of those ridiculous over-planners? I confess, I plan too much. It takes me longer to plan doing most things than it does to actually do them. Which isn’t too productive, but hey.. there’s rarely hiccups! I’ve been on a bit of a downer the last couple of weeks but I’m buggered if I’m gonna stay there, so I decided to do the boys room. The room they were in was actually decorated perfectly… View Post

Operation Redecorate: The Kitchen For a while, I’ve been thinking about decorating my kitchen. The bright blue colour (lovely colour don’t get me wrong) certainly wasn’t how I thought it would look when I picked it around a year or so ago.. possibly longer. So, operation re-decorate! I must warn you, there is mess, mess and more mess in this post. I had been eyeing up some fake wood paneling posts on Ebay for a while, as my dogs tend… View Post