Yay! Well I eventually got the get-up-n-go and got up and done some more work in the garden. We sorted the odd shape that was the seating area bit  and filled it in with some more stones.. Still needs more! I’d honestly recommend to anyone – buy tonne bags. You might think you won’t use a tonne bag but Im sure the amount of bags I’ve bought from a competitively priced place (very cheap compared to elsewhere!) I’d still have… View Post

Figured I might as well pop some of the last few years art work on here before it vanishes into Oblivion! Pardon the mahoo-sive post! p.s Pardon the manky feet halfway down the post                Created my illustration for my blog! Digital Media final devlopment.   Fine art final piece development. No idea what’s going on with the boys cheeks n mouth at this point – I noticed he looked like he was about to spit on the old fella,… View Post

School Photos School photos are an absolute must in my house. I’d recently spent £47 on a special long print of my sons primary one class that was framed – purely because I’d have to frame it myself anyway as it was such a long photo! They are usually taken around the same time – and your children are wearing the same’ish clothes so it can be a good indicator at how much they’ve grown up. My wee boys are… View Post

So today we got started on my garden, weeee! Here are some pictures! The first thing we done was put these log roll things up. This is going to be a little seating area. I’m planning to put a firepit / table thing in the middle of it with benches or chairs and a parasol set somewhere I’ve ordered this from Asda. It was £40 and it also doubles up as a wee table (How nifty?!) As I’ve got two… View Post