Autism and Party invitations

Incase you didn’t know, I have two almost seven-year old boys. Both go to different special needs schools, as both have an intensely different level of needs neither of which can be provided completely by any mainstream school. I have Max who has ADHD and learning difficulties, and Leon who has low functioning autism, he’s non verbal, and does very little himself without support. I wouldn’t change either of them for the world!
As both my children are in special schools, it’s expected that the “normal rules” don’t apply when it comes to parties or social things. We all “expect” the unexpected.. sorta. Max got an invitation to a party, that was at an ASD friendly club (Autism Spectrum Disorder) which ended up being a fun little sports group that the birthday boy went to every two weeks. Max is a very busy boy, there wasn’t much information in the invitation but I knew I could get into contact with the boys mum through Facebook and sent her a little message asking whether parents were to wait with the children or was it drop off and pick up only.
It was something I’d never really thought about, and because both my kids are at special schools.. I wasn’t and still am not entirely sure if it’s normal or not to leave your children at a child’s birthday party or wait with them. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that perhaps a good idea would be to mention on invitations – especially for kids parties – whether the parents are welcome to wait for supervision purposes or welcome to wait if they feel like it, or welcome to drop kids off and leave emergency contact numbers. I think I might be a bit of a worry wart. I do this thing where I think about how I might come across.. like I don’t want birthday boys mum thinking I don’t trust her to look after my kid, and I don’t want her thinking I’m a clingy mum or trying to grab a freebie or two! So asking her was a bit awkward actually. I started with the whole “I’m not sure what the normal scenario is with birthday parties” which was fair enough, and she was actually really nice about it! But yeah I think mentioning on invitations would be a good thing.
He ended up having a really good time at the party. He was well-behaved, a few hiccups but much less than I’d have expected considering it’s his first non-family party. We came away with a leaflet and might sign him up for after the school holidays. They have classes throughout the holidays – but we go off to my dads caravan through the holidays and don’t want to pay for classes that he’d be missing anyway. I am really proud of Max for managing at a party today. He really surprised me today and I certainly won’t be as hesitant next time he gets any kind of invitation, as I know he can do well in big groups. He certainly proved himself today!

From a proud wee mammy


Hi guys. I’ve literally sat here for about three days squandering over how exactly to introduce myself. I mean literal in the literal sense.. obviously I’ve done things in between.. but still!  I’ve had this set up for a few days and I’ve changed the header three times now.. It’s just getting ridiculous. So bugger it! I’m jumping in headfirst..
with an old photo my hairs actually brown right now but nevermind.
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Hi! My name’s Terri. I’m 24 years old, from central Scotland (The accent might trickle through!) I’m a fan of all things artsy. I love graphics, typography, illustrations, skulls, DIY crafts, cute homey stuff, creepy stuff..  I’m into rock music, heading off to a rock festival next week. (eek! Download, anyone?! ) Got some tattoos and piercings (Never enough!) I’m a complete organising freak. If anything CAN be labeled in my life, it probably already is… spreadsheets are also my friends. I’m also an art student.. at least I am up until the end of term where I’m taking a year off (Why I hear you ask?!) Well, I’m a single mum to twins,
two dogs, a cat and a lizard. One of my boys has Low functioning autism and is non verbal. I feel as though my boys need me to be focussed on them right now, more than my studies do, so my education is taking a backseat for now. .
Which brings me to the why I’m blogging.. I love a good moan so I do. A nice wee grump to end the day with your chummy chum. Only with me facing the prospect of not being in an educational establishment.. I’m not going to have that as easily as I have been used there’s where mardymisadventures got it’s name’spiration. (I’m a crab!) I’m great at giving advice.. yeah I totally am. Everyone refers to me as “The maw”. Admittedly.. I’m often the oldest.. but I’ve convinced myself that it’s my no nonsense attitude that’s awarded me the title of “The maw”. If I don’t know how to do it.. I’ll go find out. I’m an extremely self driven person.  If somethings not working, I’m not afraid to say so. Lately that something has been my countless attempts at a
diet lifestyle change. (Yeah.. trying to lose weight too.. I didn’t mention that?) Nothing makes me happier than knowing that there’s a world of possibilities out there that I can achieve with nothing more than dedication and hard work. And I’m hoping a little blogging along the way will help.
I’m hoping to post about my life and hey, if people want to read about it then great. I want to keep up my art practice at home throughout my year off. So here is where I’m hoping to document the work I’ve done. I might post up some of my older stuff because I know I personally LOVE looking through peoples old sketchbooks, Hell I’d rake through their drawers if it wasn’t frowned upon. I’m an incredibly inquisitive person, No shame! I might post about parenting. I often find myself talking to myself about my parenting at least now I’ll kinda feel less insane by typing it out instead. I love my lists! Expect wish lists. Expect possibly some art tutorials (simple stuff.. ’cause I’m no Picasso!) Expect Pinterest inspired posts. Possibly some reviews of art materials and things. I’m trying to be organised so I might post about that too. If I’m honest though, the only guaranteed thing is that I’ll ramble on.. almost 600 words down of me yabbering away utter gibberish. Anyway.. I think I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for reading and if you’ve got this far I salute you!!