Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love Instagram. I admittedly don’t post as often as I should but I’m never off there nosing at what’s going on in other people’s lives. I find it difficult to manage photos on my phone.. So Instagram is often a lifesaver, the trouble is once they’re on there the printable copies usually get lost amongst the thousands of photos on your phone so you never get round to printing them really. At least… View Post

  I may be fairly young to be considering hair loss products.. but I suffer from unhealthy hair. Unhealthy probably isn’t the right word.. It’s thin, breaks easily, and more than should falls out at any given time. I have a patchy spot on the back of my head (right in between my ears) fortunately my hair covers it from the top. Don’t think I have mentioned it previously – but I have an issue with my mother nature not visiting… View Post

The reason I started this blog in the first place was that I wanted somewhere to place my thoughts pretty much. Something to keep me focussed on improving what I wanted to improve, remember what I wanted to remember. Blogging, is somewhat addictive and it can become a numbers game when you take your stats into account. I completely reorganised my categories not long ago, and after writing my Goals for the New Year post and trying to figure out… View Post

Does anyone else find that their choice of music varies greatly on whatever shits going on in their life? ‘Cause I totally do. Queue looking longingly out car windows pretending you’re in a music video.. or something.. totally don’t do that (I do)  I happen to have quite a vast taste in music you see. Other than the err.. club type music (the proper bangy..stuff) eloquently put, Terri .. I give most genres a shot. I’m terrible at naming music genres… View Post

I am forever forgetting which films I’ve watched and enjoyed. So I’ve decided to do Once a month roundup of the films I’ve actually took the time to sit and watch alongside a review my opinion on the movie considering it’s to jog my memory.. Movie – 10 Cloverfield Lane I’m right into my sci-fi, horror, thriller stuff. So this happened to be right up my street. All in all, it’s about 3 folk in a bunker, but they make it… View Post