Does anyone else find that their choice of music varies greatly on whatever shits going on in their life? ‘Cause I totally do. Queue looking longingly out car windows pretending you’re in a music video.. or something.. totally don’t do that (I do)  I happen to have quite a vast taste in music you see. Other than the err.. club type music (the proper bangy..stuff) eloquently put, Terri .. I give most genres a shot. I’m terrible at naming music genres… View Post

I am forever forgetting which films I’ve watched and enjoyed. So I’ve decided to do Once a month roundup of the films I’ve actually took the time to sit and watch alongside a review my opinion on the movie considering it’s to jog my memory.. Movie – 10 Cloverfield Lane I’m right into my sci-fi, horror, thriller stuff. So this happened to be right up my street. All in all, it’s about 3 folk in a bunker, but they make it… View Post