The reason I started this blog in the first place was that I wanted somewhere to place my thoughts pretty much. Something to keep me focussed on improving what I wanted to improve, remember what I wanted to remember. Blogging, is somewhat addictive and it can become a numbers game when you take your stats into account. I completely reorganised my categories not long ago, and after writing my Goals for the New Year post and trying to figure out… View Post

I can’t be the only one, who at one point looks around and thinks why in the fuck did I buy that, and that.. and that. I’m such a Stocker of “stuff”. I don’t mean clothes, shoes or other general materialistic things. Infact, I rarely buy new clothes as Im on a diet and refuse to.. err waste the money. I’m on about buying things like.. bleach. I’ve currently got like 5 bottles in the cupboard and I still bought… View Post

This is a question I found myself asking after coming across a snazzy looking wee diary planner on pinterest. Currently I am using my 3 book system – one for weekly planning, one for daily planning and one for creative planning because to me combining them all into one would leave a planner an UTTER MESS. I hate how on days where I don’t need to plan anything I waste whole pages in the book – and I’m using 3!… View Post

I’m in festival mode. This time next week I’ll be chilling out with my rum n coke in hand on my trusty camping chair at donington race circuit, bracing myself for my annual 5 days of amazing music and people. Hopefully my tent will be up (which by the way – I’ve not so much as opened to check yet) So I thought to myself, why not do a festival guide? Festivals are fun. Everyone should try and experience at… View Post

Nothing motivates me more than a great big old to-do list. It’s like having a list of achievements sitting ready for you to just tick of when they’re done and an empty todo list is a day well spent, with some well earned me time at the end of the day. In the words of Benjamin Franklin  “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. I find that I work better with lists (I have lists for everything). Unfortunately I also… View Post