Weight Loss Journey – trials and tribulations of week 1

As I may or may not have written in my kickstarting a healthy lifestyle post, I’ve decided to post weekly regarding my weightloss. I’m on a diet (very much needed seeing as I’ve consumed a tonne of utter shite in the last however many years) and it shows. I was considering joining weight watchers or slimming world for the whole accountability stuff – but I hate people I decided not to, as I don’t really think I’d do well with the whole slimming world free food deal cause I like fruit put a pile of clementines in front of me and you’ll think I’m a magician. Then the whole point counting deal with weight watchers looks ridiculously time consuming and almost as though I’d need a maths degree to decide whether something was in my points allowance that week. So, no. As much as I’d recommend them to people who want to lose weight. I hear nothing but positive reviews they’re definitely not for me.

3lbs down
yay! woo! Hooray!
Total down – 26 lbs


I counted calories 5/7 days, also made the conscious effort to workout 3/7 days. Since I started in July this is the longest I’ve gone without “yo-yoing” and currently the lightest I’ve been on a diet in my adult life in forever. I got back on it after a bad day too. Despite the negatives still lost weight. My skins so much better – Certain it’s cause I’m sweating bucketloads working out.


2/7 days were just free for alls ending in a takeaway pizza. I definitely could have worked out more. I bought chicken thighs instead of breasts not realising how much more calorie-rific they are. My fucking iphone wires a pain in the arse but I’ll buy a armholder thing. Starting with a 15k stepgoal is a bit optimistic when you’re a lazy cow not used to those steps – so I’m going to start lower until I bump them up a bit and get more walking into my routine.

So yeah, overall a decent week.


I don’t think I mentioned this before – but for any you nerdy types who happen to be into reddit, or even want to get into reddit.. There’s a great bunch of subreddits that I frequent for advice, general weight loss chit chat and motivation. I myself am a huge reddit fan, even gone as far as a reddit related tattoo. cringe

1200isplenty: Superb ideas for low calorie meals – I do not eat 1200 calories I’m usually between 1500 and 1800 however it’s a great source of ideas for low cal food combinations.

Loseit: My favourite – general weight loss. A bit of everything in here this includes a group challenge where we log our weight every week. (Which is super!)

Progresspics: Another great subreddit – full of progress pictures. This normally includes stats of the person so you can actually search for people around your weight – who have lost weight to see their progress and how they done it which can be motivating.

There are a lot more subreddits I use but these are the main three- you can find ones for slow cooking, ones for working out, ones related to pressure cooking or weight lifting. There’s too many to mention but you can search for particular topics here.

For those of you thinking this sounds great yet wondering what reddit actually is.. here’s a video to explain.

Hopefully this helps!
Until next week.

Terri xo

Kick starting a healthy lifestyle


kickstarting a healthy lifestyle

Getting Healthy

Healthy? Pfft!  I’m fed up. (literally.. ha!)

It’s so irritating when you know you can do something but you keep allowing yourself to slip. For me that something is losing weight. I’m well aware it’s me that is buggering it up. I’m also completely aware it’s me who can change this mindset though, and once again that’s what I’m going to do in order to be even remotely healthy. On a more positive note – I can do this. I have done this. I’ve never had a good week that hasn’t shown to be a good week at the end of it. There’s no denying that when I stick to it, it works.

So firstly, figuring out why it’s not been working. For me I think it’s not been working because I don’t plan.. well. You see, I do plan. But the plans I make they don’t work for me. For example, I’ll plan on making two recipes (3 meals each, so 6 days of food) and then buy the things for two recipes, make one then through the week decide I don’t fancy cooking the other and buy a takeaway instead or cook the quickest filling food in the freezer which is never usually a good and healthy choice. Then I’m left with unused wasted food, well over my calorie allowance, feeling tired because I’ve ate junk, thus lose motivation and eat more junk. It’s a vicious cycle.

Going ahead – to avoid this I will decide what I’m having for dinner the night before, I’ll check my freezer. If I feel up to home cooking and make bulk recipes – then I’ll have them. Bulk cooking I usually do during the day when the kids are at school so I know if I make them then I’ll eat them. If I make sure I have lower calorie, tasty yet filling alternatives that are easy and quick to cook in the freezer, then there should be no reason to eat out. Lastly – if I fuck up, get back on it. One bad day needn’t be a bad week.


The kinda sketchy, not so spot on Maths.

I want to lose 2-3lbs a week, (a healthy amount!). I’m doing calorie in calorie out method. I can never get my head around any other type of weight loss plan – all very confusing! So I hope that sticking with healthy foods etc I’ll manage doing calorie counting. Ahem.. It’s to my understanding that to lose 1lb you need to have a daily deficit of 500calories. Which equates to 3500 over the week. So to lose three pounds- the total weekly deficit is 10500 calories, split between 7 days is 1500 calories. So I need to burn 1500 calories more per day than I eat.



Calories per day – 1800
Calories to burn – 3300
Steps per day – 6000
Exercise – 3/4 times a week minimum
Water – Drink 2 litres a day ya baw.

Tracking burned calories 

I have a fitbit Blaze. I will need to do a review of my fitbit Blaze actually, it’s honestly my favourite tech gadget ever. The Blaze is set so that my calorie burn is the main goal – instead of steps. I’ve yet to meet all my step count goals and want to do so consistently before I put them up higher- I want targets to be at least achievable so I don’t give them up.


I have no excuse, at home there is a decent treadmill. I’ve got playlists on youtube of workout videos, an Xbox with kinect, a wii fit. Hell, I have 2 8 year olds and a trampoline. I’ve genuinely no excuse not to.


I feel much better when I drink 2l of water a day. I feel more awake, I feel more hydrated, my skin feels more healthy, and after a while without drinking as much soda – you don’t miss it. It’s worth doing. As natural as it gets.. A great habit to form. I will commit to all drinks other than with a meal to be water.

If you’re on a similar journey and want to join up on fitbit / My fitness pal feel free to add me!
Fitbit + My Fitness Pal

Lastly – accountability. I’m going to weigh in on a Sunday, and post a brief snippet of the weeks progress on the Monday / Tuesday. Yay for boring blog posts!