CHRISTMAS GIFTS: DIY Spiderman Canvas.

Woo! After having blank canvases chilling in my room for a few weeks I finally got round to putting something on them. I planned spider man for one of them for Max as he’s absolutely spiderman daft the now. My boys have always had murals on their wall but like I mentioned before – it just takes up WAY too much time, and I always feel as though they’re rushed – so I’ve opted for doing the flavour of the month character or cartoon they like on canvases. I remembered to take pictures along the way too.. yay!
1. Started with a base drawing, roughly off a few images I found on google. 
Blobbed on some redness.
Followed by blobs of blue
I then added black around spideys eyes, and done the basic spidey spider.Wee bit darker blue added to the blue in his outfit.
Then done the outline (these are completely informative. You’d never know without me telling you)  
Then I kinda winged it with the darker red shading areas.. it kinda went hobbledy-gook at this point..  
At this point I kinda softened the stark difference between the base red and darker red (I said kinda.. it’s subtle.. okay?!.. almost subtle enough that you can’t see it) Also blasted the background with leftover red.. which ended up being totally pointless but HEY. What painting person doesn’t experiment right? Experimentation yo. 
It was at this point I could kinda see where it was going but not how to get there.. I was just hoping for the best at this point but kept at it. Not a scooby what the background was meant to be either, and was afraid the lines looked too flat.
Then I opted for a completely dark background with a blended edge- which seemed like a good idea at the time.. it looked better imo when the lines were complete but I knew it still needed stuff done just wasn’t sure what at this point.  
Highlights! Bam. What a difference. I also went for the slight blank space edge around the subject as opposed to the odd blendy-in background I had before.
Deciding that the highlights were too thick – last thing I done was go over some of the black lines in spideys suit to thicken the black and thin out the bright white. More notably around the mini spidey and stuff. Happy with how it turned out.  
No filter, no flash and minging untidy room in the background.
Spidey Canvas done!

For anyone who may or may not be interested.. the paints I used were Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic. My fave.

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