Natures Alphabet.


Absolutely thought I’d have a stress free Friday. Welp! You know what thought did.  Had my course induction yesterday – all is well. ( Edit : At least it was until the following day – read more in the next post)  Although, I’ve only gone and lost the bleedin’ timetable they handed me. I’ve only had it mere hours. How is this possible. It has disintegrated into thin air it seems. So now – I’m gonna turn up on Monday without a clue where I’m going. Talk about winging it.
I’ve also had such a shit time with my internet lately, I switched to talk talk. (More to follow) Most people will groan at reading that judging by the talk talk reviews I’ve read since deciding to switch – rookie mistake.
Also, remember that all important “summer task” that I mentioned in the previous post and that was supposed to be handed in on induction day? I decided to do Natures Alphabet. My printer is wifi enabled – and by wifi enabled they mean if you’ve no wifi, then you’re fucked. I can’t even plug in a cable. So, I had to order prints at the cost of £16 for 7 and to top it all of, the lecturer DID NOT EVEN ask for it. Blasphemy. One could not make up such a shit week.

Natures Alphabet

This is it, Nature’s Alphabet. Sketched, scanned, reworked on illustrator and photoshop. Doing the first Four I was kinda sceptical of them actually looking like an alphabet but I’m pretty chuffed with how they look together. So for an apparently un-required task (might be asked for it next week) I reckon they’ve turned out not bad!
Induction went well. I thought I’d get another week of holidays as they’re still doing inductions next week, but OF COURSE I’M NOT, DINNAE BE DAFT TERRI. Straight in on Monday. I don’t even have a portfolio folder yet. Oh the struggles of being unprepared. On a plus note, the old mother is hopefully taking the kids tomorrow night. Which means I’ll be cleaning up as nothing makes me actually keep on top of shit more than having a pristine hoose. (I kid you not) Then the rest of the night will be chilling. Hopefully.

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