Recorating the boys room

Okay. As you know I’ve been decorating the boys room for a little while. It did pain me to do as I had to paint over my favourite mural I’ve done (calvin & Hobbes) turns out it was more ME who was a fan than the boys.. They’re growing up now and their taste in characters changes more than the weather in Scotland (which is a lot!) so I’ve opted for plain coloured walls and they can stick up their posters or whatnot instead.
So.. this was the before and during
And this is it practically done..
Everything’s from Ikea. Other than the multi coloured drawers. I still have to fix the wires.. there all over the place still.
These here are the small picture ledges Ikea do, great for books.. clearly!
This is Max’s side. There’s room to put up a tv.. you know should er.. Santa decide to bring one (along with a spiderman skinned xbox)  And that big picture ledge there is for his game piece characters.
These wall lights are moon shaped – and theres a little switch for them to turn on and off when they’re in bed so they can go to the toilet with the light on – the stairs are quite high to be going down in the dark considering they’re 7! I’ve also got a roll of sponge and yellow fabric to make a cushion seat thing for the top of this unit under the window.. still not done that.
This is Leons side. He’ll get his flashy lights underneath his bed and the beanbags are his to play on. He’s not into games at all and quite happy to potter around in his own wee space.  
Dory! From Leons favourite movie (Finding Nemo)
  This is the little artsy corner. The rainbow drawers are from B&Q I think.. but they also sell similar in hobbycraft. You can probably find a set on ebay or something. Wall Pockets from Ikea. The rails are for little pen pots to hook onto. (I’ve not got the pen pots on it yet!) And that little workbook holder is actually a Variera wall bin from Ikea. Cheap, cheerful and does the trick!
Yes, they have a TV in their room – shock horror! My wee boy loves his films and he gets clear enjoyment from them, which is rare. So I’m absolutely not going to take that away from him. The wires clearly need sorted.. need an extension too haha. Mrs. Broccoli chilling on the door.
So. That’s their room, all done and dusted before Christmas. More than happy with it.

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