Decorating the boys room

Planning the boys room

Are you one of those ridiculous over-planners? I confess, I plan too much. It takes me longer to plan doing most things than it does to actually do them. Which isn’t too productive, but hey.. there’s rarely hiccups! I’ve been on a bit of a downer the last couple of weeks but I’m buggered if I’m gonna stay there, so I decided to do the boys room.
The room they were in was actually decorated perfectly fine other than the placement of the mural in the room. I wanted to get them both loft beds and one of the loft beds would completely cover up most of the mural so decorating was kinda needed. If I’d left it it would’ve bugged me then I’d have to move all the furniture around n yada yada. I was initially worried about them getting loft beds with the height and all but I know they’re both managing the bunk beds fine, both of them usually want the top bunk so that’s kinda why I’ve opted to have the two loft beds. Plus with the beds both being up of the floor and them having all the floor space, it means I can put their clothes drawers back in their room.

Making a floor plan

I made a little floor plan. (Yes.. Seriously) Most of this is staying the same but there’s the odd few things I’ve changed around.
I’ve ordered a bungload from IKEA (I dunno what I’d do without this shop!) The Kallax units seemed to be the best option for what I wanted. I was thinking that if I get white units it means I can keep using them if they grow out of them or get bored, as the inserts are interchangeable.
The yellow boxes are where the beds will be, Max’s to the left Leons to the right. The four by one Kallax will be used in front of the window (right in the middle). I’ve ordered sponge and fabric to make a little window seat out of it. I’ve ordered extra of the same fabric to make short loft bed curtains too! As quite often Max will be awake and toddling about his room at 6.30am whereas Leon’s a lazy sod and would happily be sleeping till the afternoon so the lights might annoy him.
Goodbye Calvin & Hobbes! The toy story murals could be clearly seen underneath the layers haha!
That yellow that clung onto the wall was a hideous cheap acrylic paint that we originally couldn’t get on thick enough, so went and bought more – just goes to show it had better staying power than the rest!

This is the two shades of green I opted for on the walls. Rather than doing murals this time I’m going to spend a decent length of time and do a proper canvas painting for both of them hopefully, at least that way when they get bored of whatever it is I can just take it down, or even move its position! I’ve got another layer of paint to do then the edges to tidy up. Followed by redoing the skirting boards and doors and then putting up a border.
 That white cupboard on the wall (which should be used for clothes) is actually full of toys. All the kallax units are hopefully going to mean the toys will come out and the clothes will go in (out of my wardrobe!) PS. Yes that is a TV in their room, so sue me! My boys like their cartoons. Leon is VERY Limited in things he visably enjoys doing, and watching finding Nemo / Madagascar is definitely up there.

I’m gonna try do the woodwork this week at some point, followed by putting up a border. Then that’ll be that done. Re-arranging my room’s next! I may have ordered one or two things for my room from Ikea too 😉  I have two shelves on my papered wall.. I’m hoping I can get away with redecorating as these shelves are coming down, I’m hoping to disguise them by selectively placed photo frames or wall art stuff.  If not I might just be putting up with it for a while.

So That’s how far I’ve got with the boys room.


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