Our Garden is finally done!

Just to refresh your memory, I have been in the middle of redoing the garden for a million years while now. This is what it was like previously.garden before

As you can see the large grass bit was separated, fence was laid out weirdly too.

This is more recently.

Got a new shed with teacup fairy lights from B&M (fave!)
New trampoline.
Removed the separating fence.
garden - shed & trampoline
I made the rinkadink corner bit bigger as it was just way too small before, I also threw out the edging I bought originally (It was the log rolls and no matter how I put it up it fell over / was knocked over easily) I replaced it with the straight log edging which you just hammer into the ground.
garden - chairs
Leon loves mirrors so bought this garden mirror from B&M. It’s tiny up though, so going to look for a decent supplier for a child safe / outdoor mirror.  The little tiki man is from George Asda. No idea where the others are from most likely B&M though, they’ve sat in my shed for ages! garden - mirror
Bought some solar lights. Looks so bright out the back. Cheap and cheerful.
Garden - solar lights
garden - shed
Love these teacup fairy lights!IMG_6403.jpg
We moved the fence over too, if you look at the before picture it was placed along the path. When my two boys are out the back I don’t want the dogs jumping over them so have separated the two areas for them to be in.
I layed more slabs down for the dogs, was fed up with them ruining the grass too, was forever reseeding the area. (Anyone with real grass and dogs who pee on it will tell you the same!) So now they’ve got the slabbed area to do their business.
Behind where this picture was taken I put down wooden Foundations for a shelter for the dogs to sit in (which I hope to build before I’m back at college!)
So basically the garden is finished apart from a few more bits n bobs to decorate, the fence to paint, a parasol or gazebo to buy & the dog shade area to build.

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