Garden Makeover

So today we got started on my garden, weeee! Here are some pictures!
The first thing we done was put these log roll things up.
This is going to be a little seating area.

Photo 23-06-2015 12 08 01Photo 23-06-2015 12 19 27
I’m planning to put a firepit / table thing in the middle of it with benches or chairs and a parasol set somewhere
I’ve ordered this from Asda. It was £40 and it also doubles up as a wee table (How nifty?!)
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 15.40.56Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 15.41.50As I’ve got two dogs, I’ve always had a separate area for the dogs in the garden as the kids were smaller and we have a german shepherd who gets very excited so it was to stop them jumping on the kids. The boys are older now though and know to get out the way so we’re getting rid of the fence and separating the garden and the path only.
We also dismantled the old trampoline as the boys are getting a new one from their granny for their seventh birthday.
Photo 23-06-2015 12 08 05Photo 23-06-2015 12 08 10
This side bit was just old messy grass, but we are putting a gate at the side of the house to stop the dogs and kids going round this bit of the house to keep the path clean and to stop them going near the bins. We dug up the old grass and put the log edging in here. This is getting filled with gravel so it looks tidier and has less upkeep.  Photo 30-06-2015 20 43 07
Weee! We added the groundsheets and stones to this area, found out we need more as its quite a thin layer but we can add them anytime. We still need to cut the little stakes – add some more to strengthen the log roll edges and paint all the wood. Photo 30-06-2015 20 43 14This is the little shed I got from B&M for £139. It looks like half a shed haha. It’s absolutely ideal for us as I’ll only be storing a shelf set with tools on it, lawnmower, garden tools and the kids bikes in it.
Photo 01-07-2015 14 31 16
Still to do:
– Replace the fence we took out (we’re putting the same fence panels back with new posts that are cemented in)
– Paint shed and fences (this will take forever, but needs done!)
– Add reed screens to fence panels (I’ve always liked how they look so I’m adding them to my short fence)
– Dig out the grass and put in circular stepping stones so that the lawnmower can go straight over the top
– Lastly – Solar lights, Garden Ornaments, Bunting, Benches, Garden Parasols n toys! My favourite part of doing the garden up.

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