Garden update: New furniture.

Yay! Well I eventually got the get-up-n-go and got up and done some more work in the garden. We sorted the odd shape that was the seating area bit  and filled it in with some more stones.. Still needs more! I’d honestly recommend to anyone – buy tonne bags. You might think you won’t use a tonne bag but Im sure the amount of bags I’ve bought from a competitively priced place (very cheap compared to elsewhere!) I’d still have been much better of with a tonne bag. Anyway, hindsight is always a wonderful thing.
I’m so happy with it. Still have the fence to finish painting, all the side fence is sorted gate etc too. After the fence has been painted I’ve got some circular slabs to dig into the ground (so the lawnmower can skim over them) to make a pathway to the seating area. Then I’m going to get some form of shading for the corner – I’m not sure whether to get a parasol or one of those hanging ones that come in from the side, but I also want the option of having the sun too.. so we’ll see.

Anyway here’s a little picture

 Oh yeah, forgot to mention the table and chairs. (idiot) I got these for an absolute bargain! I keep my eye on Hot UK Deals for things that are just too good to pass up on.. this was definitely one of those! £285  down to £70. I’d have kicked myself if I didn’t as they were back up to full price not long after I ordered. They came in a big box mostly built together, just had a few bolts to go into predrilled holes. Absolutely fab buy! I’d recommend people download the Hot Uk Deals (HUKD) app, as you can set yourself deal alerts – say you’re on the look out for a TV you can set a deal alert for TV and you’ll get a notification when a deal is posted. It’s a really good way to spot bargains.
Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 16.07.09
I’m looking forward to when it’s done.. More to the point. Looking forward to FAIRY LIGHTS.
ALL THE FAIRY LIGHTS. Blackpool illuminations will have nothing on my garden.

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