Redecorating your Living room? This is how mines went

redecorating the livingroom
Well, I decided to redecorate the living room. It kinda needed repainted anyway so it gave me the excuse to move things about a little.


This was my living room before. I decided to redecorate as it needed repainted anyway. (A
nd apparently the only pictures I have are from Christmas!)

living room beforeliving room before


This is it now.
Do excuse the lived in mess that it is.
Living room gothic 2
The black paper I bought from B&Q and it’s quite possibly my favourite paper I’ve had up anywhere yet! I need to get something to put on the black papered area here but I’m wanting to make sure whatever I put up is absolutely what I want as I hate putting pins / nails through papered walls incase I change my mind. I’m thinking some kinda monotone horror artwork or something in ornate frames but I’d need to spot something I just love from the offset.
The corner desk I bought from Ikea. (As always, I should have shares) It’s a good desk. The other one I had was a little more functional but  it would have looked ridiculous in the livingroom. My computer used to be upstairs in my bedroom, but I had no room for anything and difficulty sleeping.  The desk consisted of white alex drawers with Kallax unit storage and a desk attached (Ikea). Would look so out of place in the living room, so I gave all the white desk & things in my room to my brother.
I’ve kept the same vivarium (bug hasn’t complained, yet) Sofa is still the same but I will be getting a new one. Ideally an Oxblood colour, leather chesterfield! But I’ll need to save for that. And I’m waiting until I’m back in classes. I’ve still to replace 2 doors in the livingroom. Living Room is still laid out awkwardly thanks to my trusty treadmill. (ridiculously wide) can’t even stick it in the massive understairs cupboard.
I decided to use the previously unused space under the vivarium to store completed sketchbooks and all my unused sketchbooks. The bookshelf was a single plain old bookshelf before (without doors) I just bought another one, and 4 doors to add on to the front. I went for the doors that were half glazed and half panel because I needed space to hide all my art equipment, pencils, paints etc but at the same time I wanted space to show of my collectable stuff and ornaments and all that jazz.
Put up some shelves too. Instead of having all my paperwork in a filing cabinet, I just put it back in the giant white folders (on the shelf) Also got myself a new computer chair too, (looks nice, wouldn’t recommend as it’s not as comfy as it looks and wobbles from the offset.)

Living room gothic 6You might just spot my skull lamp in the above photo  – my mum bought me this for christmas, love it!

Living room gothic - stag headAnd last but most definitely not least this glorious stag that I bought for an empty wall I had. Totally makes the living room in my opinion. Cost just under 80 squids so more than worth it as it’s big and fairly solid.
Definitely not decorating anything for a while now. I redone the hallway too, plainly re-painted and wallpapered all the way up one wall. Nothing schmancy! But yeah, I’m more than pleased with the living room – definitely feels more like mine now instead of the boring bland beigey colours it was before.

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