Redecorating the Kitchen

Operation Redecorate: The Kitchen

For a while, I’ve been thinking about decorating my kitchen. The bright blue colour (lovely colour don’t get me wrong) certainly wasn’t how I thought it would look when I picked it around a year or so ago.. possibly longer.

So, operation re-decorate!
I must warn you, there is mess, mess and more mess in this post.

I had been eyeing up some fake wood paneling posts on Ebay for a while, as my dogs tend to get the bottom half of the walls looking bogging when they come in dirty, so I thought I can paint it white which will be super-easy to re-do anytime. A 2 minute lick of paint could cover up any marks.
This is what I had to work with before, (excuse the mess – tidying wasn’t my priority during Operation Redecorate)

As you can see, what a state. I’d at this point done the ceiling – repainted it white. Filled in the holes and sanded them down.
I purchased a deep grey for the top half of the wall. This was the next few steps, painted the top half then began applying wood strips. These are glued to the wall using EVOSTICK. 
After this I done a layer of basic white Matte paint on the bottom half and the wood, then gone over all the doors and the kitchen using my satin finish white, as well as redoing the skirting etc. As you can see by the pics the floor was covered in splotches – it was being replaced anyway so I wasn’t too fussed. I painted the doors white. (Which took a bazillion layers of paint) I also layed the floor ( Black Linoleum which I ordered for a bargain of ebay.)

The Finished (ish) product!

Excuse the mess, this kitchen is lived in believe it or not!
I made myself this kitchen / bar / unit / island thingy-ma-bob following this hack from Ikea Hackers. I got rid of the old table and chairs which worked well, but I needed more “worktop” room to do the usual everyday kitchen things.
In the far corner I’ve got the small Grundtal Bars on the wall being used to store mugs and cups in an easily accessible way.
Demon Cat!
This is a shot of the front of the unit. I opted for 2 drawer inserts, and 2 door inserts to store things without the dogs getting them dirty. It’ll be used for things like Dishtowels and dog treats etc.
  Here I’ve got a grundtal shelf above the cooker, I use this shelf with S-hooks from Ikea to store my pots and pans on. I’ve got a Grundtal magnetic knife rack above the cooker.
 Here I’ve got a white Lack Shelf along the top (everythings ikea!) 2 Grundtal shelves along the bottom, and 2 grundtal rails along the bottom with a storage box and shelf attached, as well as the wine glass rack. My Dish drainer thing is a 2 tier one from B&M (Probably my favourite store!)
You’ll also see the boys fabulous placemats. Which I got for the knockdown price of 49p each from a Birthday card shop. Everyone loves dinosaurs, right?

This is by the backdoor. I still need to repaint the Backdoor door frame, and lay beading around the flooring. I got these two wall storage boxes from Ikea. And again another Grundtal bar for storing the shed keys, gate keys etc.
I’ve got some wall art to make myself or buy. I’m not sure what I’m going for but something yellow I think! I need to put some new curtains up and eventually new blinds – but I’ll replace the whole houses at the same time so it’s cheaper. But overall I’m just happy it’s done now!

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