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After looking for hours, I couldn’t find a way to transfer all my posts from wordpress to blogger easily so I’ve had to do it one by one and backdating posts (which would have been much, much easier without the Re-Captcha security system failing to work correctly – I had to delete all the internet cookies every post due to posting too much!)

All my posts are transferred over now. I’ve edited the header to suit blogger. Unfortunately it’s pasted the images and linking them to my wordpress files (I didn’t think it would but it has) and I’m going to leave it with the expectations that they’ll eventually not work. I’m in the process of transferring my domain from wordpress to namecheap so I can use it on blogger. I’ve bought a basic theme to make the blog a little more how I want it but might change it around a bit more or get a different theme / layout soon.

I used to use blogger years ago and after reading reviews between blogger and wordpress I went for wordpress and have used it for a year now- however I was unaware then that most of the reviews I’d read were reviewing self hosted wordpress rather than I’d tried switching before but had bother changing my domain, then spent too long trying to find a converter tool to change the posts from wordpress format to blogger format. Anyway, that’s it done now! I’m going to leave the wordpress blog active in the hope that it keeps my previous pictures showing, but only time will tell!

Terri x


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