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So.. I’ve been away a while. Been to my dads caravan and back for the boys birthday and had the garden fixed’ish. So not really had much time to post between sorting the house and the usual summer clean out. Anyway..Tada!!  I wasn’t 100% on the first header I made, and decided to change it. I also decided that the name of my blog from “Mardymisadventures” which although I thought sounded really awesome at the time; doesn’t particularly suit me or my blog. I’m not very adventurous at all. I am quite mardy, but I guess it’s a good mardy. I like to have a good old moan every now and then. So I boggled the mind, and came up with the new name! Huuzah! Tea, Terri and Two. Moving on, I want to have a good old rummage through, and properly sort out my categories and tags as they’re a bit all over the shop just now!

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