Christmas 2016


Aaaaaaaaaaand breathe.. a few times. (inhale alcohol too, if you must!)


Thank fuck that’s it done for another year. As much as I love Christmas, the two weeks running up to it are always bloody hectic. Don’t you agree? It’s ridiculously stressful. Personally as a single mum to two asn kids I can do without stress on top. I vow every year to be more organised beforehand – still fail to be, every bloody year!  We had a good one this year though, chilled as ever (Other than Leons continuing meltdowns- but I’ll post about that separately) . Boys were spoiled. Leon got his sensory den sorted (post to follow also) Max got his xbox one and games, and his ipad repaired, he hit his brother with it before (as you do) and broke the screen so he’s been without it for months – rightly so.


The Grotto


I took the boys to see Santa at Howgate centre in Falkirk. I’ve wrote about it before but I don’t care! It was really good, Leon managed it well surprisingly. They have a sensory hour on sunday, which is basically music and tannoys off for an hour, the whole place is less busy, and they open Santa’s grotto an hour earlier exclusively for ASN children to see Santa. It’s really good! More stores should definitely introduce something similar. Simply turning music off can make such a difference, almost the difference between going and not going.

Both boys loved it, Max especially – Santa made the Rudolph nose on his jumper squeak when he touched it. Santa is magic you see. Max was very impressed, as was I as he didn’t suspect a thing even when Santa’s hand kept going in his pocket every time something squeaked! 😉 Max even done the whole “uncontrollable giggle” when he was telling people about it. Melts my heart seeing him so excited about something. We will definitely be back next year.



Giftwise- we were all spoiled. Max got his xbox one from his uncle (they bought the new xbox one S – so gifted Max their old one) He also got a cool Gears of War vault thing for his xbox 360, it lights up! Yeah I’m a terrible mother – my kid plays games that he’s officially too young for. I pick my battles. I played them and I survived perfectly well, and have not yet murdered someone so I’m quite alright with him playing them. He also asked for things like Sonic, and shadow toys. We got him a bunch of Science kits to play with at the weekend as well as some dino excavation sets which I think he’ll enjoy! Max isn’t very crafty, he won’t sit and make something but he loves seeing how things work so the science kits will keep him entertained.


Leon got lots of Madagascar teddies from his granny, (it’s his favourite film) he also got all his things in his sensory den, a laser strobe light thing for his room, a giant bean bag. Way too many little light up toys – the ones that you through to something and they flash – Leon loves these. Between them they got lots of board games too for when we go to the Caravan.


My mum has given me enough candles that’ll probably last until Christmas next year. I absolutely adore burning candles it’s very calming and makes everything smell lovely – particularly the christmas candles! (Which she bought in abundance!) She also bought me a Dragon toilet roll holder (which I love! I love weird things – I have zombie garden gnomes in my livingroom! amongst other things) and two really cool wine goblets. My brother bought me the Calvin and Hobbes complete collection in Hardback. I love Calvin and Hobbes, and it’s absolutely my favourite thing I own right now. I lived for Calvin and Hobbes when I was a child as my grandad used to keep them for me alongside Garfield comic strip cut outs. If you haven’t read a Calvin and Hobbes comic book, please do.


Decorations were down on Boxing day. Couldn’t wait to take them down, I’m just glad it’s over. I think we all get to a stage where Christmas is draining. This has been the most stressful for me just because I’ve been worrying about Leon in reality. But we still had a magical time, I reckon I can squeeze a few more years of believing out of them yet.
I want to get back to the drawing board – back to sorting out plans for Leon, back to being the best mum I can be for my two terrors. As it’s technically New Years Eve now, I’m going to work on my reflective post as well as looking into 2017 plans.

Hope your Christmas went well!


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