Little christmas Buys


It’s that time of the year where all financial planning just goes to shit. We all become obsessed with finding great deals due to fear of missing out, or the stuff going out of stock at Christmas. It’s a bit daft I’d say but the companies certainly know how to shift the shitty stock they can’t sell any other time of the year quickly – and even worse have people fighting over it.
What a joyous tone to start a post! Anyway.. here’s some cute thingymabobs that I went and bought. Really cheaply might I add, I’m an absolute scrooge when it comes to buying stuff.


This dog advent calendar is a pound.. I love poundland. Having 4 dogs.. I’m ‘a need a lot of wall space.. (cause me and the boys may or may not have two advents each..) 
This was £18 reduced to £2 from tesco I think… Must say I thought it was going to be bigger 😂 disappointed was an understatement – I thought it would like nice in the boys room but it was way too small. I’ll figure something out for it..
These were a Black Friday buy – reserved online like the crook I am! Bugger going in there at yon time to get them.. Bluetooth headphones from £99.99 down to 30 squids in good ol’Argos!
I also got two of these starwars bags half price from Argos too , one for Max and one for my Reddit secret Santa who happens to be into starwars. (Big online gift exchange thing for those of you that haven’t heard of it)

And err.. Like all Santa helpers other things are hidden out of sight of nosey beggars. So I’ll be buggered to show you the pressies 😜.
Lastly.. I browse hotukdeals a lot and came across this snazzy looking advent Callander – got one for me mammy and one for me.

I’m not 100% sure what’s in it but I can rest and assure you if it were not for the discount I WOULD NOT have bought this. (£60!) down to £39 using a promo code at the time. But we’re allowed to treat ourselves from time to time.. Right? ☺️
That’s all I have pictures of so far! I’ve just finished the boys room so I’ll upload an update of that shortly. Hope you’re all having a nice ALMOST CHRISTMAS. 🎄🎄

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