Decorations : Christmas 2015

Yaaaaaaay. They’ve been up since the 30th.. I get a day or so earlier every year. I’ve also recently discovered pop up christmas trees. I feel like I’d be terrible with them as I do LIKE decorating the tree – but we all know it takes ages so you kinda hold back. With a pop up tree I’d probably do it on a whim in fucking June or some shit, and by time Christmas comes round I’d hate it. So I’ll be giving them a miss. Alas, my decorated home.
ALSO LOOK AT MY STAG CANDLE FROM HOME BARGAINS RIGHT THERE. RIGHT THERE!  I’ve never bought fake powered decoratey candles.. but this looked glorious so I did.. only to discover it’s actually wax – not plastic. They put a little light thing inside the wax or some incomprehensible shit like that.. which I can’t quite get my head around as I’d have absolutely bought it with a wick.. candle people these days. Oaft.
Odd angles.. I know, I know!   Thank instagram and their wee square deal they have going on. Last year I had a lot more. The cat so far hasn’t been using the tree as a climbing frame but only time will tell. My mums house looks like Santas Grotto. I’m genuinely not being sarcastic or over exaggerating they practically put most grottos to shame. None the less, to each their own and to all you who don’t yet have your tree up..



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