Christmas 2015 – Yay!

Christmas 2015

Aye ok. I am a wee smidgeon of a bit late to the party for posting about Christmas – I’ve been watching big brother busy .. okay?

Anyway! Christmas was fab. Had it at the mothers, as I always do. (Yes.. Santa delivers the presents there and yes he requires stealth, and great timing, and especially great eyebrows to achieve this) Admittedly, I went a bit over the top. It’s extremely difficult to picture just what you’ve bought when it’s shoved into the back of the cupboard, with packing and squeezing it in skills comparable to that of a Tetris champion. The only cupboard don’t have access too, which is at times difficult for me to access without moving half my room about, so that’s my excuse! We opened presents, watched TV and ate loads and loads. I demolished approximately a ton of brussel sprouts and truffles, it was gid. We were all spoiled.
(May have been more than just truffles – made by yours truly!)
My mum always has quite a few decorations up. (Blackpool anyone?) The kids love it.
These were some of the old maws presents, I had this old photo or my mum and her brother and sisters sorted and recoloured & framed, as well as my favourite picture of the boys.
You can kinda see how badly damaged it was – but alas! Print looks cracking now.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas!

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