Picture dump / update

Aloha! This is a bit of a picture dump post/update. I’ve been so tired lately. I’ve convinced myself taking multivitamins might help so we’ll see how that goes. In other news – my secret santa from the reddit exchange came and I got some cracking new Laura Ashley notebooks as well as goodies for the dogs and cat! Well chuffed. Hopefully the person I sent my gift to posts pics soon as I didn’t take pictures.. (Like a pleb!)  This is the picture I posted as thanks.
The best thing about ordering Chinese around Christmas has to be these.
Both my boys go to alternative additional needs schools – that means two drivers, two escorts, two teachers – and there’s around 5 kids in each class. So this is the school present bundle paha. Variety is definitely not key here.
I also cut my hair and fucked up my fringe. Look at the bleedin risey bit above my nose what an arse.
Pardon the stock photo expression I have here.  
As well as the Reddit secret santa exchange there’s a holiday card one too – this was mines! How adorable.
I’ve not really had much time to do anything creative – what with all my netflix bingeing..(wish I was joking) I’ve not really been able to find the motivation to be fair. So it looks like college this year coming will be Forth Valley college as I don’t quite have a portfolio ready for Glasgow yet and I don’t want to try rushing one- Plus it’s an extra years funding and what with me being Scottish completely free, (I’d be daft not to!)  I can’t believe it’s 9 days until Christmas.. where did this whole year go? It’s actually gone so fast. I’m hoping next year will be better.
On a better note, I have booked myself in for another tattoo on the 22nd as a christmas present to myself, yay! It’s a full day sitting. Yes, it is 3 days before Christmas, and yes I am kinda shitting it and hoping I can deal with all the Christmas Shenanigans with a fresh tattoo. All my wrapping is done. Only few things I have left to get are some video games for the kiddo and some clothes but I’ll be doing that this weekend. Still waiting on parcels coming too but all for the rents.
A smidgen excited!!

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