I’m not dead, I promise

4 months have passed since I last updated here – just had a proper rough patch and wasn’t feeling it at all. Or anything actually. Terrible place. Diet went to fuck.. Anyway, over the few last month I’ve bucked my ideas up. I’ve done quite a few things actually. Went to download festival – it sucked. I was going to do a post on this but it would be so negative in all honesty this year was just the worst. Decided next year we’re doing one or two day tickets with the comfort of a hotel room to go back to instead of camping. I’ve Redecorated the hallway, and the living room. Finished the garden. Finally arranged for getting Leons wheelchair. The boys birthday. Applied and got into my course for next year. Got a new car (which I absolutely love!) Completely re-arranged the kitchen. Got my dryer repaired. Defeated a wasp nest in my shed (or more my mum did as I’m bleedin terrified of them) Had a bit of a health scare which turned out to be nothing particularly worrying at all. (Hence bucking my ideas up before it is!) I’ve got a ton of things to post about and I’ll do it individually over the next few days I think. But yay! Back blogging for my sins.

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