My Leuchtturm1917’s are here

Okay I’m impatient. I’m itching to start these bullet journal thingy-ma-bobs. My pens aren’t here yet, but I’m an art student I have an abundance of pens and there’s every possibility they might bleed through the paper but ye know what.. *looks into the distance* life is not written in pencil..or something or the other.
Now.. as you’ll quite clearly see, yes your eyes are not deceiving you, there is infact THREE Leuchtturm1917 books there, 2 A5 that are squared, and 1 A4 that is dotted. I’d originally ordered the two smaller ones as I am definitely going to use at least two but I began to doubt myself by wondering if I’d be better of with more space using the A4. Only trouble is if I use the A4 it’s not as easily carried around as the A5. What a dilemma. First world problem right here. I’m considering using all 3 – the A4 for yearly / monthlys which I’ll check of when I get home maybe – and the wee ones for portable planning – one for creative things, the other for mother /house /bill related things. I dunno, still undecided. We’ll see though!

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