Mid Summer Update

As you probably know, its summer break over here in Scotland. I say mid-holiday but we’ve got about two weeks left as of tomorrow. I’ve been keeping busy! I’ve had help from my brothers and dad to move the fence into a better position in the garden. Put up a new gate at the side. For the boys birthday they got garden toys.
File 04-08-2015 15 07 32Trampoline from their granny and papa
See-saw from me (the green balls underneath still need blown up – pump snapped!)
File 04-08-2015 15 07 20
This big circle swing thingy from me.
I need to get a set of ladders so that Leon can go up into the trampoline himself. Max manages no bother but Leon struggles, and seeing as he’s been climbing into Max’s top bunk I’m sure ladders won’t be a problem! The big circle swing was more for Leon because he’d really struggle on a normal swing and both of them can equally enjoy it, there’s even room for both of them at once on it.
I’ve even started painting the fences.
File 04-08-2015 15 05 57
Which takes a ridiculously long length of time, my dad keeps insisting on using his spray thing but I’ve seen the mess they make and our fences are those ones where theres a fence on both sides and im sure spray would cover my neighbours slightly, so I’m just going to carry on with the brush but might wait till the boys are back in school.
I’ve also been keeping up with some artsy stuff (which I never usually do at home, ever!)
I’d made these old christmas cards 2 years ago and never actually sent them out to anyone.
They were made using linocut and a gold leaf printing machine thing. I love linocuts, and they were fun to make.
File 04-08-2015 15 07 08
I ended up cutting out out and putting it in a frame,
File 04-08-2015 15 06 55
I love how it turned out. It’s Jack and Sally from the nightmare before christmas if you don’t recognise them! My favourite film ever.
File 04-08-2015 15 06 23
I even attempted to draw Rebel Wilson.. attempted! So that’s one page of my sketchbook for next year complete.
My posts are all a bit hobble-dee-gook the now, but hopefully after the holidays I’ll get myself into a wee routine.

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