Oaft, is that the time already? : An Update

Ugh! Do you know when you kinda have a shit time of things and things just get put on the backburner? Well that thing was my blog. Once again, I realised I tend to not bother blogging when shit happens. August was officially a shit month. College fucked up. Gave it a week or two of being pissy about it. Then I realised it’s just an extra year, it doesn’t slow me down a year – just means I’ll have to work extra hard on a portfolio for next year to hopefully get in without a college prepped folio. (Fun times..)

I bucked my ideas up a bit too. I’ve been attending all the kids school coffee mornings, and taking them to a weekend club as well. Going to parks, going to activities. Which might not sound like a lot to most people.. but for me that was a big deal. I’ve been crippled with anxiety for a while and it’s not the type of anxiety where I freeze up when I’m there – more the whole dreadfully dreading it before it happens type but once I’m there it’s usually fine and I always seem to wonder why I worried and I can honestly say it’s getting better. I used to get my mum to buy me bits and bobs when she was already at the shop as it’d save me going (also vice versa) but now I’m just getting up and going on my own. I very rarely ever went on my own before.  So yeah, combined with the actual going and talking to people I don’t know about the kiddiwinkles seems to be doing me quite well.

(us on a wee jolly out)

I’ve lost 23lbs too. Gonna continue with that, upgraded my charge HR to the fitbit blaze. Kinda still shit on the calorie tracking, but I’ll get there. I’m considering joining weightwatchers.. I’ll see how confident I get with doing new shit on my tod. As for the blog, I completely installed a new layout, sorted an actual about page. Got rid of links to social media that I don’t use whatsoever.  Sorted out my adverts (something I’d been meaning to do for an absolute age!) Joined a lot of blogging communities and I read up on a lot of things I didn’t even know about running a blog. Such as Domain Authority and No follow links – absolute wumble jumble to me to begin with but the few facebook groups I’m in are a great source of information. Not sure how much of it I plan on taking on board, but it’s lodged firmly in my head for now. I’ve also kinda met a pretty cool person. So we’ll see where things go with that.

All in all it’s fair to say I’m pretty cheesed up with how things are going.


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