October Holidays

Welp! That’s the October week practically over and done with. I was up at the caravan with me old dad and my two boys. It was quite fun, the boys both enjoy it there as it’s much quieter. It was absolutely FREEZING though.. BooooooNone the less, a good time was had.
As for decorating the house, the kitchen’s done. I’m wanting the boys room re-done before Christmas, I am majorly gutted though as I done a Calvin and Hobbes Mural on the wall but they’re getting a bit old for it now and they both like completely different things.
This is their room just now!
As you can see the mural comes out about halfway along the wall. They’re getting two Loft beds instead of the bunks so the loft bed would cover Calvin and hobbes. Hopefully loftbeds will mean they’ll have more floor space. As well as me getting them more toy storage (so I can put their clothes in their built in cupboard, instead of my room!) & a wee art corner. I’m gonna do the room green and anything on the wall will be in a frame or painted on a canvas. Murals just take up too much time to do 🙁 I might squeeze in a jiggle about of my room before Christmas too- moving furniture around and shelves, re-paper the papered wall and touch up the paint. We’ll see!
It’s not too long till Christmas now either. Can’t wait. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. The last few Christmases have been tough. Particularly due to being let down by various people! In a much better place this year and I am refusing to anyone get us down. Onwards and upwards!

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