Photo dump

I spotted this on pinterest.. my god it is gloryful. Look at that fit. The laptop goes right in. It raises my monitor up enough so I can see it when I’m in bed. It’s just multiple levels of Su-fucking-perbness. 
This is an old set of mini moppe drawers- I painted them black like my soul. They’re in one of the Ikea Kallax Cubby holes – I need to put up pics of my rearranged room.

Max Puckering up to himself.. in the mirror.. buttcrack shown to the world. 
Xmas apps are great.
The boy at Halloween. Kinda. (Ignore the fact that he has PJ Bottoms on) He was trying it on here, didn’t take an actual photo – boooo. Bad Parent. 
All the heart eyes. <3
I almost keeled over when I got this home from school. Max. Great Listening.
This is the first time these words have been uttered in a sentence. Proud Mammy.

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