Februarys Plans


It’s February! Squeeeee, that means the dreaded winter-esque freezing yer but off season is almost over. Who am I kidding.. I’m Scottish it’s perma-winter. Anyway. I’ve decided posting my goals monthly might be a step towards keeping me on track. Don’t want to have to openly  admit I have done shit all to you all so I’ll try to keep this updated each month with new goals and how I got on with the month before’s.

My plans & goals for February


Lose half a stone more. Obvious reasons..

Properly food log. This will help with the above – I tend to lack a bit on the logging front, and I want to be honest with myself and have a proper log so I can see how I’m progressing and why.

Give me some me time…   I know what you’re thinking. Single, non working parent with school age children, all I get is me time.. right? Wrong. I spend so much time sorting out bills, sorting out appointments, cleaning the house, upkeeping the house, looking after the animals, shopping, cooking, blogging, planning meals.. I want to go sit in starbucks or even the cafe in fucking asda once in a while and have a bleedin coffee..(I don’t even like coffee) Little steps guys, little steps.

Get round to reading some more of Marie Kondo’s book. The principle of her book is basically what I base most of my cleaning around now.. I really should finish it. It’s a fab book.

Think about booking the boys birthday party. Their birthday is in July, I want to look into the best halls and things – as both of them have friends with different needs (both in special units at primary schools) I need one that will suit everyone. So I’d like to at least have an idea of what I want and where.

Look into a break away for summer. Even if it’s local, even if it’s over a weekend and involves a lot of driving. I really can’t be arsed going anywhere other than the UK if I’m honest, but I don’t want to go to a busy place unless it’s super kid friendly and the boys will love it.

I think that’ll do for now.. What are your plans for February?


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